Call for Candidates for research positions in 3D-audio - LIMSI-CNRS, Orsay, France

The “Sound & Space” team at the LIMSI laboratory is looking for candidates for several positions involving a number of ongoing projects in the domain of 3D-audio research and applications.

The “Sound & Space” team is a young and vibrant research group involved in various projects which include optimization of binaural rendering through individual adaptation of HRTFs, Ambisonic to binaural decoding, real-time virtual audio systems, Ambisonic synthesis for high numbers of sources, 3D sonification, and other projects involving the use of 3D-audio in collaboration with other researchers in the department, including research on spatial cognition and an audio prosthesis for the blind.

We are searching for candidates for fixed duration (CDD) positions of 6 months to 1 year, with prolongations possible. Applications are open to the following qualifications with suitable practical experience in the field;

Post-doctoral student

Research assistant


Salary ranges from 1889€ - 2150€ net (estimated 1539€ - 1760€ brut) per month. Salaries are commensurate with background, are regulated by the state, and are non-negotiable.

Starting dates are available between 1-April-07 and 1-Jan-08.

A familiarity with both binaural audio rendering and Ambisonics is a must. A working knowledge of MatLab, Max/MSP and/or PureData is also important in order to be productive in the real-time audio applications which are the subject of much of our research.

The LIMSI is a multidisciplinary CNRS laboratory located in Orsay, ~1 hour south of Paris by commuter train. Research topics are heavily oriented towards man-machine-communication and interfaces, with a strong direction in multimodal interactions for virtual and augmented reality. The “Sound & Space” team is responsible for the audio modality in the virtual reality project.

Applicants should be highly motivated, independent, and able to work well in a group. A working knowledge of French or English is required.

Applications should be sent without delay, as candidates will be judged on a “rolling” evaluation system. Required information includes the following: CV/résumé, letter of interest detailing previous experience, 2 contactable references, earliest possible starting date and duration of interest).

Application deadline 31-April-07.

All correspondence should be addressed to :

LIMSI-CNRS, BP 133, 91403 Orsay, France


Submitted by jude on 13 February, 2007 - 16:03.